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Cool top-down space action shooter with a story

Game Inverse Universe is set in the space of our solar system, where the player in the main role takes control of the ship of extraterrestrial civilization
with advanced technologies. The role of the player is to eliminate the hostile civilizations which want to destroy our world for raw materials.
The player will improve the ship to be better and better against the increasing power of the enemy.


Basic informations about the game.


Features :

- Fly in the areas of our solar system and beyond with unique graphics
- Control alien ship and defeat hostile forces that want to destroy our world
- Collect space material by destroying enemies and asteroids
- Upgrade your ship that cost material
- Use special skills that will help you destroy enemies
- Get experience and levels to give you bonuses
- Enjoy the simple story told by Captain Shephard who is on board the ship
- Achievements

The beginning of the story :

Ruhan civilization :

Everything started here on our home planet after a long time , our civilization has united and realized that is necessary to protect life.
That s why we decided to go for a journey, where we will be looking for life to protect them from the other dangers of endless universe.
We traveled far, we have found many peacefull civilizations. We have also found civilization that were very dangerous.
We fought.. and we ran to survive.. they were many of them and finally after our signal for help was sent to our Ruhan System,
we have found shelter near the star called Sun in the age of the planet earth and their living beings called people.
At the time of our arrival, they began to discover the universe as we did 100 000 years ago
...they noticed that they are not alone
And they were right...

Physics based top-down shooter with cool graphics

Upgrade system with special abilities

You can destroy almost everything :)

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